about us

The Company and Its Business

Polaris Capital Power Inc. (the “Company” or “PCPI”) is a Canadian energy development and management company. Currently, it focuses on renewable energy projects as well as energy efficiency, savings, storage, conversion technologies and projects in the USA and to a lesser extent in Canada and abroad, including emerging markets. Its US business is conducted by its wholly owned subsidiary, Polaris Capital Power Corporation (“PCPC”). Its international business is conducted by its wholly owned subsidiary, Polaris Capital Power International (“PCPInt”). Its Canadian renewable business is conducted through its affiliate, Constant Solar Energy Inc.

PCPI’s general plan is to develop some 500 - 1,000 MW of solar power facilities in the next 5 years, a minimum 100 MW (DC) of qualified solar projects annually in the various states and countries that provide optimal financial and operating conditions for such renewable energy development and/or in which there is a “need” for power. Using USA general capital cost numbers, this minimum annual 100 MW (DC) target represents, at current prices, approx. $ 125 - $175 million USD average of project capital investment annually.

Accordingly, PCPI and its subsidiaries and affiliates are involved in projects in the USA and Canada. Additional areas of interest include the U.K., India, Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean.

Founded and owned by its directors, PCPI can qualify, plan, finance, install, commission, and directly manage solar, storage, and LED facilities. PCPI’s experience in renewables started with its shareholder’s involvement in the solar industry, both in design, manufacturing, and supply as well as project development. 

Product and Service

PCPI recently financed 2Fuel Technologies Inc., a USA company, of which its founders are shareholders. 2Fuel provides the most efficient diesel/natural gas/propane conversion technology for large trucks and stationary engines in the market place today. PCPI is a global partner of CECEP Latticelighting Co., Ltd., a major LED lighting manufacturer. PCPI is also a distributor of HTF Compact, an efficiency boosting, energy saving nanotechnology for heating and cooling systems.